7 habits one must cultivate to be highly effective

7 habits of highly effective people is a bestselling book by Stephen R. Covey. In this book he talks about the habits that helps us build our character. Because habits are consistent, often…


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Brain Processing Bases

The brain is the most complex device on the planet Earth. Approximately 7 million years of evolution shaped approximately more thank 100 billion neuron network. Each neural connection build by training any skills, any movements. Any sort of talent is able to be created through training. By building new neural networks, helps to be created the next ones as the brain creates the new networks through calling the information from the long-term memory, associates with the new information, build the new network, and delete the previous used information and gets ready for the next task. The scheduler in the brain is set up by the biological and psychological parameters such that psychological rhythm, the previous perceptions, all the data base obtains the brain, even the food your organism intakes to produce energy. These vibrations propagates through out the whole body. There is no concrete data about where subconscious and consciousness are allocated in brain physically. No certain data about the consciousness core operation. All these assumptions drives into illustrations and fake explanation how the perception of reality is processing.

The brain is processing non-stop every milliseconds you exist. All the information about any atom linked in the body, quarks, masons … All quantum particles. It has the huge ability of proceeding all the data independent on your awareness.

Our body is the combination of biochemical and electronic reactions. This structural division allows a new approach towards the mental structure , couscous and subconscious interaction in human psychic field. Every biochemical reaction influences on your brain how it processes the thoughts generated in our minds. The food, drinks, alcohol and every meal you take in, creating different reactions, tune your neural network through our the whole body, which influences on the mental judgment. The electrical reactions influences on neurotransmitters processing.

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